Walking School Bus and Travelwise


Travelling to and from school


We encourage families to walk to school wherever possible. Please note that there is no car access through the front driveway for families, except in special circumstances.


Please walk safely to and from school


  • Always use our pedestrian crossing and footpaths adjacent to the front of the school. Pedestrian crossings are for everyone, not just students!

  • Always use the Sandringham Road crossing safely. It is supervised by teachers between 8:20-8.50am and 3:00-3.15pm

  • Also use the Shorwell St. entrance adjacent to the park. It is supervised by a teacher and students between 3.00 – 3.15pm daily. Please note that the KINZ car park is NOT for Edendale drop-offs and pick ups and the lower pathway will not be accessible until the building work is completed later this year

  • Always avoid walking across driveways when cars are coming and going

  • Always minimize opportunities for student/parent-caregiver injury


We regularly notice parents crossing Sandringham Road with children adjacent to, but not on our pedestrian crossing. Sadly, we see students run out onto this very busy and dangerous road from between parked cars, with parents accompanying them. We do not wish to see our students injured or killed as a result of this practice. Pedestrian crossings are there to help make crossing this main road as safe as possible. Please help to keep your own children safe and use the crossing. Simple as that!

Parking within school grounds is only available for school staff and official school visitors.


Travelwise: Bicycles and Scooters


  • Students are permitted to ride a bicycle or scooter to school only upon receipt of a written request and parent-caregiver signed agreement and letter of approval from the Principal

  • Students in Years 5 & 6 only, are allowed to ride bicycles or scooters to school unsupervised by a parent or guardian

  • Any student who brings a bicycle/scooter to school and does not comply with our expectations will be required to leave the bicycle/scooter at home

  • New Zealand safety approved helmets must be worn at all times when riding bicycles and scooters

  • A police officer will check bicycles once a year and students must participate in a safety programme to ensure they are aware of rules related to unsupervised riding

  • Students must dismount in the school grounds and when crossing the pedestrian crossing

  • It is a parent/guardian responsibility to ensure that bicycles/scooters are safe to ride and their child is competent to ride to school. Bicycles/scooters are to be secured to the bike/scooter racks on arrival at school. It is the child’s responsibility to look after keys. 


We take all care but no responsibility for damage or loss. Thank you for your co-operation!


Travelwise: Walking School Bus


The Edendale Walking School Buses (WSBs) are an organised way for Edendale Primary School children to enjoy walking to school. The programme is supported by Auckland Transport but owned and operated by adult volunteers. Children join the WSB at designated stops and adult "conductors" supervise the walk. Adults of children that use the WSB usually walk as a conductor at least once a week, but there are other ways to help the WSB if you are unable to walk with the bus.


Below is an outline of the two existing WSB routes and some useful links with further information. Please feel free to contact the co-ordinators of the existing WSB routes, Elizabeth and Karen, if you have any questions or would like to enquire about starting up a new route.

Route 1 - Lambeth Road 

  1. Lambeth Rd WSB – Bus stop 1 – 39 Lambeth Rd. - 8am

  2. Bus stop 2 -Meets and departs from the corner of Wembley Rd/Highcliff Rd - 8.05am

  3. Bus stop 3– corner of Arabi and Halesowen Rd. 8.15am

  4. Cross over into Arabi St.  Pass Oxton Rd, Mars Ave and then turn left into Jason Ave. 

  5. Finally turn left into Sandringham Rd and cross at 419 Sandringham Rd (patrolled school crossing)


Please contact Elizabeth Duke on elizabeth.duke@hotmail.com for further information.



Route 2 - Euston Road

  1. Euston Road – Bus stop 1

  2. Bus stop 2- at the pink dairy or the "Rose Cottage” and makes its way to Haverstock Road, Coyle St, Kingsway Ave

  3. Finallly turn onto Shorwell St and enter the school premises from the back Shorwell St entrance.


Please contact Karen Wright on krh.wright@gmail.com to help out or join the families on this route.

Route 3 - Kenneth Avenue

  1. Bus stop 1- meets at the corner of Kenneth Ave and Sandringham Rd (outside the Tasting Room) and departs at 8.20am.  Arrives at Edendale School at approximately 8.45am

Please contact Tammy Flavell on tammy.flavell@mhamail.co.nz for further information