Edendale offers...

Learning Support

We have a wide variety of students with ranging abilities and talents. 


We provide an inclusive learning environment where all can feel proud to be a part of Edendale.Our team works together with class teachers to ensure every child can achieve within school.  We work together to support students with quite complex needs as well as those who may simply need a little encouragement.  This means that we can adapt a classroom activity to suit individual needs or focus on a specific area of the curriculum where a little additional help might be beneficial.


It is great to watch our students flourish and become more confident in their learning.

Specialist Programmes

We offer a range of programmes to support students in their classroom programmes.


Our literacy development programmes provide small group targeted support for students with specific needs in reading and writing. This support is provided in addition to their normal classroom programme.


Our literacy support staff work alongside classroom teachers to help students achieve their learning goals.


Similarly, ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) programmes provide small group support for English language learners. Support is given in addition to everyday classroom programmes. ESOL teachers also work alongside classroom teachers to support students’ transition to school as well as achieving their learning goals in the early years of their primary education.