Senior Leaders

Principal | Tumuaki                                          Jonathan Ramsay   


Deputy Principal | Tumuaki Tuarua                 Jonathan Jackson


Deputy Principal | Tumuaki Tuarua                 Bhairavi Vara

Deputy Principal | Tumuaki Tuarua                 Margaret Talbot





Akoranga Team - Year 0-3


Aine Connaughton (Team | Rōpū Leader)    Room 20


Suzie Neilson                                                Room 18


Grace Rogers                                               Room 19


Yashika Dheda                                              Room 21


Grace Du                                                      Room 22




Aroha Team - Year 0-3


Rosie Oliver (Team | Rōpū Leader)              Room 2


Ariel Ampado                                               Room 1

Callum Wood                                                Room 3

Hayley Eagle                                                Room 4

Philippa Priest                                              Room 5




Atawhai Team - Year 0-3


Heike Micheel  (Team | Rōpū Leader)         Room 8

Adrienne Kerin                                             Room 6


Fabienne Gillies                                           Room 7                          


Melody Yong                                                Room 9

Latha Nayagam                                           Room 10




Mahi Tahi Team - Year 4 and 5


Mark Airey (Team | Rōpū Leader)               Room 11        


Lily Bergin                                                   Room 12, 13 


Christopher Quincey                                   Room 12, 13


Liese van Dam                                            Room 15, 16


Tahi Vaneveld                                              Room 15, 16

Ingrid Cheung                                             Room 17


Tuakana Team - Year 5 and 6


Tracy Hewlett (Team | Rōpū Leader)            Tuakana (Rooms 25-27)


Shamin Flanagan                                         Room 24

Braedon Schache                                        Tuakana (Rooms 25-27)

Katrina Kiely                                                 Tuakana (Rooms 25-27)

Nik Edwards                                                 Room 28

Claudia Hall                                                  Room 29


Please click on the teacher's name to contact your child's teacher. For all other inquiries please email


Specialist Teachers


Marg Talbot [DP]          Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCo)


Lynne Carlin                 ESOL and Literacy Support [0.4]

Anna Swain                  ESOL,  Literacy Support [0.6], reading recovery [0.4]


Catherine Petersen      Music Teacher 

Yana Dennett               Reading Recovery [0.4], Literacy Support & Library [0.6]


Kusam Fausett             Artist in Residence   


Fleur Tuck                    Environment 


Kylie Maltman              Garden to Table Specialist

Sonia Ingle                  Garden to Table Specialist


Learning Assistants


Emma Henry  


Danny Houston


Carroll Spence


Diane Stewart [Rainbow Reading]


Sam Nash


Kavita Kaushal


Kerry Steel


Nadia Dobbs


Sharon Williams

Lizzie Lucas





Administration Team                                                    


Chriss Bus                                    Administration Team Leader


Chetan Kale                                  Property Manager / Caretaker

Sean Ween                                   Assistant Caretaker


Karen Brunton                              Receptionist, Administration Support


Zoe Gardiner                                Payroll, Administration Support


Sue Prebble                                  Finance Officer








Our Board meetings are advertised in our school newsletter. Parents/caregivers are most welcome to attend our 'open to the public' meetings.


Boards are elected by the parent community every three years. 


Our current Board members were elected in June 2019 with some co-opted in June 2018 and late 2019 and a by-election in August 2021.


Chair               Warner Cowin

Trustees          Maryvonne Gray, Annie Ualesi, Katie Higgins [co-opted], Jane                    .         Yee, Anna Ferguson, Anthony Trigg [co-opted]           

Principal         Jonathan Ramsay

Staff Trustee   Kusam Fausett


To contact the Board Chair please email


Friends of Edendale Primary (our PTA)


Friends of Edendale meets on the third Thursday of each month (excluding school holidays). Parents and caregivers can join in these meetings to see what it's all about. PTA elections are held annually in November.