Our History: Centennial Celebrations 2009


Edendale celebrated its centenary at Labour Weekend 2009, which was a wonderful occasion for both current and past pupils. Classes integrated aspects of the school’s past and present into class programmes as well as thinking about the future for the school. Students worked with the Principal and compiled a Centennial Publication as part of a Developing Talents programme. This will be valuable for future generations at our school.

The reunion committee was to be commended; (five past pupils including an organiser of the 75th Jubilee, a past teacher, a current class teacher, the principal and board representation). An open week with approximately 400 visitors to school during the weekend and attending two social functions and student performances contributed to the success of the weekend. A photographic record of the occasion has been kept. Two memorable events were the opening Powhiri on the Friday evening and having the oldest past pupil (ninety-four years) and the newest five-year old cut the centennial cake at the formal ceremony on the Saturday morning. 


      Below: Junior School in the early days


Below: Edendale staff and students 2009

Anniversary Celebrations


Edendale staff and students celebrate the school's birthday each year on 29 May. Each team decides on a theme for the day and it's lots of  fun! 

Above: Staff 1909

Below: Std One 1928