Music at Edendale

Catherine Petersen leads the music programmes at Edendale.

Music at Edendale is a big drawcard for our school. To help our tamariki stay connected to music while at home. Please click on the buttons below to explore some music activities to do with your children at home. 



Students from Year 0-6 have an all-year round classroom programme delivered in a well-resourced music room. 

Music Groups                                       

  • Marimba                                      

  • Percussion                                                    

  • Ukulele                                                    

  • The Kids Sing Choir 

These groups and choirs rehearse weekly and perform both in and out of school. 

Performance Opportunities

  • Sandringham Spring Festival

  • Eden-Albert Schools Cultural Festival

  • Marimba Festival

  • The Kids Sing Choir Concerts

  • Kids for Kids Charity Concert

  • Ukulele Festival


Private Tuition 

  • piano

  • saxophone

  • trumpet

  • trombone

  • clarinet

  • recorder

  • flute

  • guitar

  • drums


See school office for more details