Music at Edendale

In 2019 Chris Heaps will lead music programmes at Edendale. Catherine Petersen will continue the programme in 2020


Music at Edendale is a big draw card for our school. Students from Year 0-6 have an all-year round classroom programme  delivered in a well-resourced music room. 



Music Groups                                       

  • Marimba                                      

  • Percussion                                                    

  • Ukulele                                                    

  • APPA Choir Years 5-6




These groups and choirs rehearse weekly and perform both in and out of school. 





Performance Opportunities

  • Sandringham Spring Festival

  • Eden-Albert Schools Cultural Festival

  • Marimba Festival

  • APPA Choir Concerts

  • Kids for Kids Charity Concert

  • Ukulele Festival


Private Tuition 

  • Piano

  • saxophone

  • trumpet

  • trombone

  • clarinet

  • recorder

  • flute


See school office for more details


  • Junior   Year Two

  • Tolu Fa Years Three-Four

  • APPA    Years Five-Six


Edendale Primary School 419 Sandringham Rd Auckland 1025  

Phone +64 9 846 6340