This site is updated on Monday 6th December 2021 

Welcome to our                                      page where we will provide support for you during this time of COVID-19 and staying at home.

What you will find on this page:


  • You will find general information and guidelines

  • Links to a number of pages to support 


General Information and Guidelines:


Teachers are working from 9am to 3pm


Teachers will be available for student engagement from:

  • as per the timetables given each morning by 830am

  • This may be via Zoom [online face to face], Google, Seesaw…

  • Maybe one on one or with a group of students


Outside of these times, teachers will:

  • Reply to emails from parents/caregivers [within 48 hours] or sooner if urgent

  • Approve Seesaw posts

  • Work on planning for thinking, learning and creating

  • Attend virtual staff and team meetings


Links to a number of pages:


Below you will find a number of buttons that link to specific learning areas relevant to your child/children. These are set up for adults and provide support for you while we are at home.

  • Appointments with a senior leader by email: Jonathan [Principal], Bhairavi [DP], Marg [DP], Jonathan  [DP]

  • Please recognise that all staff have families that they also have to take care of due to the nationwide lockdown.